'Girls FiveEva': A former 90s girl group, all of whom were once engaged to Carson Daly, decide to risk everything and bring the band together.

'Gals on the Town': Love, friendship, having it all — or maybe just a great pair of shoes!

'Expecting': A 39-year-old woman asks her gay best friend to be her sperm donor.

'The Lovebirds': A 'Honeymooners'-style sitcom about a married couple and their day-to-day.

'Lady Parts': Four Muslim women start a punk band.

'God Cop': A New York City police officer also happens to be God.

'Hunchbacks': An hourlong serialized drama in the vein of 'True Blood.'

'Code 404': A futuristic crime drama in which a dead inspector becomes an AI.

'Right On': An afrocentric panel talk show

'Intelligence': David Schwimmer a.k.a. Ross Gellar returns to the small screen in a buddy comedy about fighting crime.